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Please try a different type of web browser. Samsung Electronics announced today the release of two new Q Series soundbars that feature Samsung Acoustic Beam technology, as well as the new Adaptive Sound feature. Acoustic Beam technology uses an array of holes in the speaker to create a more dynamic, panoramic soundscape.

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These features will fill every corner of the room through a wide soundscape with full sound. With the HW-Q70R, consumers can now enjoy an immersive home entertainment experience, with room-filling sound and overhead audio effects. For more information on Samsung soundbars, please visit www. For any issues related to customer service, please go to Customer Support page for assistance.

For media inquiries, please click Media Contact to move to the form. Menu open Search open Nation choice page link. Search close Search Search. Sort by Sort by Recent Popular.

OK Cancel. Check out the latest stories about Samsung Learn More.You can help mitigate this problem by learning how to use your TV's equalizer settings for dialogue. It may also be possible to adjust the sound on external devices like Blu-ray players. You can turn it on and let it handle the audio level automatically.

If you're having trouble hearing voices, use the Speech option. Samsung TV sound setting options vary by year and model. One option a Samsung TV may provide is Clear Voice not the same as LG's versionwhich brings up the voice level while lowering the background sound levels.

The exact steps vary depending on your model. Vizio TVs offer a Volume Leveling setting. Some TV models may also provide Dialogue or News settings to improve voice levels.

If the TV has a surround sound setting, turning it off may provide a better balance between voices and the rest of the sound. Here is an example of what to look for in the player's sound or audio setup menu.

samsung tv sound mode amplify

If you have trouble hearing voices from content streaming from Chromecastthere are no settings to address this, so you'll have to depend on your TV's audio settings. A Voice Clarifying Speaker is an example of an external device that amplifies dialogue and voice frequencies for those who have difficulty hearing. A wireless transmitter connects to a TV or a cable box, satellite box, DVD player, or Blu-ray Disc player equipped with either analog or digital optical output connections.

The transmitter sends a wireless audio signal to the speaker that can be placed near your seating location to better hear the TV. Zvox Audio soundbars include Accuvoice technology. Other sound settings, such as Output Leveling and Surround Mode, may also help. Speech Enhancement emphasizes audio frequencies associated with the dialogue.

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Night Sound makes dialogue clear while reducing the intensity of loud sounds when listening at a low volume. Once the sound levels for each channel on a home theater receiver are set, you don't have to continually reset the levels.

Soundbars that include center-channel and external surround speakers may provide similar sound level settings as a home theater receiver. Original sound mixes for movies are designed to be heard in a movie theater rather than a home setting. Since movie theater acoustics are different, the balance between dialogue, music, and sound effects doesn't always translate well for home viewing.TV is an audiovisual experience, and your ears account for half of that experience.

Keep your ears happy by adjusting the audio settings on the TV to get the best sound quality you can.

How to Turn Samsung TV Voice Guide On \u0026 Off

If you have trouble hearing whispered dialogue or bass drowns out other audio whenever things get loud, you can solve most of those problems in the audio settings. Open the Quick Settings for audio presets.

The first method is to use the Quick Settings on the home screen. Navigate all the way to the left, to the Settings tab, and up to the top row of the menu. Select Sound, and hit Enter. Here, you can cycle through several sound modes, with preset audio profiles for Standard, Optimized and Amplify.

Get more control in the Audio Settings. For more granular audio control, press up on the remote to open the Equalizer Setup. Here, you can adjust the levels for specific frequency bands, letting you boost or cut the signal strength for each. Select a preset. In this menu, you can cycle through the same audio presets seen in the Quick Settings, or select Expert Settings to get an extensive list of customization options: Balance, Equalizer, Audio Delay and more.

Adjust specific settings. In the Expert Settings, you can not only adjust the balance and specific frequencies in the equalizer but also change the preferred format of HDMI audio, select the digital audio format including Dolby Digital Pluschange the delay between audio and video tracks when using Optical SPDIF output, and turn automatic volume leveling on and off. With the sound tuned to your home and your ears, you should be hearing movies and music better than ever.

Tom's Guide. As with adjusting the display, there are two methods for accessing audio settings. Topics TV. See all comments 0. No comments yet Comment from the forums.It's great value, but that inevitably comes with compromises, with the Q60T's picture suffering from low brightness, mild motion blur, and dull HDR objects.

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But that draw necessarily comes with drawbacks. Audio can be pretty muddy, too — though an Amplify sound mode for accentuating dialogue helps matters, as does eARC enhanced audio return channel compatibility for lossless audio passthrough to external audio hardware. Samsung is a TV brand that tends to hit minimum bars on all metrics, and the Q60T is a good example of a set with compromises across the board, but which still meets a benchmark for acceptable watching.

The Samsung Q60T offers a pretty standard design, with black plastic casing, a thin bezel, and an elegantly curved rear. One of these is an HDMI 2. HDMI 2. You are getting eARC support, though. The Q60T is mounted on two feet — rather than a central stand, which are very easy to insert, without even a need for screws.! As is the custom for Samsung QLEDs, you get two remotes: one standard rubber-button affair with a full numerical keypad, and a slimmed-down version with just the major buttons.

The sleeker remote appears to be made of lower-grade materials than the remotes on some other QLEDs, though, with a cheap-feeling plastic casing. The Q60T isn't overly heavy, even at the inch size reviewed here Tizen is similar to webOS in that it displays an overlay of horizontally-arranged app icons when you hit the home button, with key apps like Netflix and Amazon listed first, before the likes of YouTube or web browser applications.

When you hook up a games console, too, Tizen will register the hardware i.

Samsung Announces New Q Series Soundbars Optimized for QLED TVs

Xbox, PlayStation with its own dedicated icon that you can place wherever you like in this row. Samsung has snuck some small ads into its home row, although these are only ever for linked services like Disney Plus, Samsung TV Plusor Alexa.

While the interface is largely clean, scrolling down will show you the Samsung TV Plus section, which can feel a bit cluttered, with some rows offering free content and some offering available paid-for content from other streaming apps. Alexa is generally smarter, but Samsung has a comprehensive list of Bixby voice commands in the settings for those wishing to look for it.

What does this mean materially for the Q60T? Not that much. Some motion blur is apparent here, too. Images of a monkey moving through branches, or schoolchildren shoving each other in a playground, looked a bit messy visually, with frames appearing to merge slightly as the processor tried to track fast-moving objects.

HDR colors are subdued, likely due to the mid-range processor and edge-lighting. Greys and browns tend to merge with similar tones, without much nuance, which is a shame in colorful films such as Life of Pi. However, the fact that the Q60T only comes into its own with such a specific range of content only serves to highlight its shortcomings elsewhere. It features pretty standard 20W built-in speakers, which will do the job for everyday content but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to action-packed films or orchestral soundtracks.

Samsung QLEDs come with a mix of sound modes that you can try out. When watching an ocean storm rage in Life of Pi, we felt it necessary to use Amplify to ensure that the dialogue could be heard over the chaotic weather — and while the setting works perfectly well, and the audio is general audiblethe need for Amplify stems from a lack of clear separation between lows, mids and highs.Even the same model can be slightly different on a unit-by-unit basis.

samsung tv sound mode amplify

Also the surrounding conditions as well as the personal likings are always different. If you possess a cheaper model, like the RUyou can just skip those adjustments. This is merely an overview about the terms used by Samsung to get the best picture settings and a PDF to have a good starting point. Natural : Choose this option to avoid eye strain and have the most comfortable time.

Movie : This picture mode is the best for most people as it optimizes the picture for a dark room home cinema. It should be adjusted according to the rooms overall brightness.

Brightness : Only changes the way very dark content is displayed. The Black Levels can be raised to see more details in dark scenes.

It can be set to Low, Standard or High but not be turned off completely. Color : Is used for adjusting the saturation of colors. Be aware that the picture looks unrealistic quite quickly if you set this too high.

Auto Motion Plus itself is the interpolation Artificial calculation of more frames than the source material has to offer feature. Contrast Enhancer : The contrast of the source material is improved in post by a static picture processing algorithm. Color Tone : Adjusts the color temperature of the screen.

The options warm1 and warm2 are the right ones for most users. White Balance : This setting can be used to remove tints from white. It always varies from unit to unit.

Samsung SMART TV E-Manual

Gamma : You can change the gamma curve of the television to improve different brightness levels. Game Mode : Activate this mode when gaming on your Samsung television. Most picture processing will be disabled in order to decrease the input lag Time it takes for the input signal to appear on the screen delay.With the stand, the TU looks a bit awkward. The pedestal is an overindulgent four-footed affair that looks a bit silly. Opting for the TU over the TU gets you a third HDMI, which will be crucial for those with a system that includes a soundbar and two sources, such as a Sky Q box and a games console.

And Plex is great for local streaming of your own media files. In short, the TU wants for nothing on the streaming front, despite its very low price.

Spending the extra on the TU over the TU also gives you more control options. We find this a more pleasant zapper to use overall. It produces deeper blacks than others in this category, too, and combines them with clean, bright highlights.

Best Samsung TV Settings – Explanation & Recommendation

The slow pans across the solar fields outside LA prove that the set is sharp, detailed and a good handler of motion. This can be mitigated somewhat by adjusting the Colour and Tint settings, but we never achieve a balance that seems truly correct. Switching to the Full HD, SDR Blu-ray of Unbrokenthe warm glow of the sun punching through the clouds at the beginning of the bombing run scene is instantly appealing, as are the sharply drawn planes against the sky.

This is a crisply defined and detailed image all round, proving that the TU is an accomplished upscaler for the money. Colours are rewardingly vibrant, too. The TV even does a decent job with broadcast, streamed and disc-based standard-def content. That said, the TU sounds good by prevailing standards.

samsung tv sound mode amplify

Dialogue is projected well throughout Blade Runnerbut with everyday TV you may want to switch to the Standard sound mode, which is a bit cleaner, more direct and focused.

A simple soundbar will prove a serious sonic upgrade, though. Best 4K televisions What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Home Reviews. For Decently deep, detailed blacks Solid and crisp 4K Exhaustive app selection. Against Slightly red colour balance.

Samsung TV 2018 Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

Samsung UE50TU tech specs.Quick Links. See also: User ManualManual. Table of Contents. Samsung smart tv ue37d user manual english pages.

samsung tv sound mode amplify

Alternatively, you can download a copy of the e-manual from Samsung's website and read it on your computer or print it out.

Select a category from the left side of the screen. Select an item. The e-Manual will open on the page containing the selected information. Page 9: Searching Pages Searching Pages Press the button or select on the top of the screen to access the search screen. Enter a search phrase and select Done.

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Select an item from the search results list to navigate to the relevant page. The connector names may vary depending on the product. Page Programming Programming Scan and index available channels.

Users can also remove channels from the index, restore removed channels and designate favorite channels for a more convenient TV viewing experience. Edit Remove channels from the index, restore removed channels, and rename analog channels. Removing channels appearing in the Mostly Viewed list clears the channels from the list only and does not remove them from the index.

From the screen, select the channels you wish to remove. Unselect channels by choosing them again. Users can designate frequently watched channels as favorites. The channels assigned as a favorite are Edit Channel displayed with the symbol on the Press the button to bring up the a favorite channels list and select the channel you wish to move. Press the button to rearrange the order of the selected channel. Press the touch pad to finish. Rename a Favorite Channel List Rename an existing favorite channels list.

Page Network Configuration Network Configuration Connecting the TV to a network gives you access to online services such as the Smart Hub as well as software updates.

Samsung recommends using IEEE Otherwise when you play video over a network connection, the video may not play smoothly. Check the wireless router's SSID and security key settings before attempting to connect. Unable to connect to a wireless router Try Now Try Now Check the following: Check that the router is turned on, and if it is, turn it off and on again.

Enter the correct security key if required. View the current network and Internet status. Users can either directly connect a mobile device to the TV with no need for a wireless router or connect them on the same network to play media files from the mobile device on the TV.

For example, you can use the remote control's built-in touch pad to move the focus and make selections as you would on a computer using a mouse. Turn on and off the satellite or cable set-top box connected to the TV.

For this, the Smart Touch Control must be configured as a universal remote control. Refer to "Universal Remote Control Setup"