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Snape looked at Harry. Just so you know I'm sorry fore the way I was forced to treat you. It will continue in public until we kill the dark Lord. This first one is very time sensitive. They walked to the car. Granger, I'm Severus Snape your daughter's potions master. She is the most brilliant potioner since Lilly Evans.

Miss Granger speak, with Harry after I go. Harry the things we spoke of. Harry and Snape spent about fifteen minutes by the hood of the car. Harry writing and doing things no one else understood. Then Snape left. They drove on three more hours until they found a small roadside motel. Harry got them three rooms for the night. They ate dinner in a small diner and went to bed early after Harry put the same wards on the motel Hermione had used on the original horcrux hunt.

Unbeknown to us Snape had put an ever full charm on the petrol tank. Which the next day drove Dan crazy, we stopped nine times to fill up and the tank would take no more. We stopped the next night in Greater Hangleton. It would only be a twenty minute drive from there to our destination. This would be the first time since I returned that I would really anger Hermione. We were sitting in the hotel room; they only had two so Hermione and I were sharing a two bed room, when I called for help I knew we would need.

Harry smiled at his little friend. Dobby looked around strangely. Like an equal.Author's Note: Decided to have one more chapter before the Polyjuice Potion one.

This chapter starts one of the storylines that will have more emphasis in Bonds of Time II. It also has a bit of comedy in it, since there's been a bunch of serious — no pun intended — stuff lately. On the first day of December, the day after the election of the new British Minister of Magic, the entire British wizarding community, students and Professors at Hogwarts included, was abuzz with the news that Madam Amelia Bones was now the most powerful women in wizarding Great Britain.

But not every opinion was entirely good or welcome. The media had a field day with Amelia's speeches and answers to questions she gave to the Wizengamot. These two articles sparked as many opinions from the wizarding population as the initial announcement had done.

Witches around Britain were especially happy about the family-first attitude of their new Minister, expressing that it showed the power of a woman in today's society.

Many wizards, even family men, thought that they needed to be led by a serious Minister, and not a hopeful future mother. Harry and Ginny both thought that Amelia could pull off both being a mother and the Minister of Magic, and their friends, Ginny's family and Susan Bones shared that same opinion.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Harry's first time at the Weasley's home (HD)

There was a mixed reaction among the wizarding world about Amelia targeting the possibility or probability of a future wizarding war. The supporters all had the same opinion that it was better to be prepared and have a war never come, than to totally ignore any thoughts of another war, and get slammed when it does come.

They also supported the Minister's goal about releasing the Dementors from Azkaban, and giving the jobs to properly-trained Aurors. However, they also thought it was better to convince the Giants to be neutral to the war instead of allies to the 'Light' or 'Dark' sides.

It was generally thought it would be better if the Giants were of the same mind as the Centaurs — not caring about war between humans. Those who opposed Amelia were, as Harry thought, just too oblivious and full of fear of a future wizarding war to even be able to start thinking that a war could come.

Ginny also added that many of those who opposed Amelia were probably also supporters of the Dark Arts, who wanted a war, and only opposed Amelia because if she was in the Minister's chair, the future of the Dark Arts was grim.

Harry and Ginny both wrote individual letters of support, congratulations and good thoughts for Amelia as Minister and told her to ignore the opposition because she was doing exactly the right thing. Their supporting thoughts of Sirius and Amelia thinking about children in the future were very much welcomed. There was a memorable hushed conversation in the library between Susan, Harry and Ginny a few days after the initial announcement, and Susan was happy about the thought of having a new cousin in the next couple of years.

However the conversation turned temporarily on a sad note when Susan said she had been wishing for more family because she had never gotten to know her other cousins who had been killed in the Great War with her Uncle Edgar. The buzz, at least around Hogwarts, soon slowed to whispers and murmurs around the corridors, and was replaced with the nerves and chatter of classwork, homework and studying because of the upcoming end-of-term exams.

In every class, Professors were giving piles of homework and essays in preparation for the exams. Because of the homework, Harry, Ginny and their friends were up past midnight every night, and for days on end, all thoughts of the Comatose Curse, culprit suspects and their upcoming task with the Polyjuice Potion were moved to the back of their minds.

Friday, December 18 thA snowstorm the night before the last day of end-of-term exams covered the Hogwarts grounds in nearly three-quarters of a foot of fluffy snow, and most of the students had taken advantage of their post-exam and end-of-term most students would be leaving for Christmas Break the next day celebrations by building snow wizards and witches, making snow angels and having snowball fights using their own strength or Levitating and Impact Charms — Fred and George Weasley, for a bit of a joke, mostly attacked their own allies and each other.

They were curled up on the love-seat while they waited for their friends, talking about their exams and other random things. Soon, the door opened, and their four friends walked in.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7.

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Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Harry feels there is more he can do with his life. He is not sure how. A night time visit from Kreacher helps him along his way.

AN: Very Important!!!!! Please skip to the last chapter before you continue to read. Harry James Potter of number 4 Privet drive sat in his window of the smallest bedroom contemplating.

He had gone through the cycles of grief shock, denial, anger and guilt, despair and depression and then acceptance after the death of his Godfather Sirius Black. It was a rough three weeks. Now with the Prophecy hanging over his head he was reviewing his life as he stared at the night sky.

Glancing at the clock he could see it was going on midnight. Something has to change. He could not win this war by luck alone. But what could he do? Going back over his life and his time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he found that he was being manipulated. Relatives Dumbledore himself said he knew would not give Harry a good life. How could he find out anything from here?I just reread this and for a rewrite it was appalling. There were commas where there never should have been.

I hope to make it better… again. I'm sure I still missed some, commas are not my friend. I'm not using any new or old betas for this in hopes that I can do it alone. That might change. This is going to be close to canon, with a close to canon Harry which according to my poll, no one likes. Maybe with this rewrite, he won't be a wuss. Rowling, and all the people that she paid to make her rich. Wikia, Inc. The fifteen year old Harry sat in his window of his bedroom contemplating.

It had been a horrible year at Hogwarts, with the torturous detentions with Umbridge, the mind-ra… Occlumency lessons with Snape and then Sirius dying, it couldn't have been worse. Though it took weeks and much crying, he had gone through the cycles of grief shock, denial, anger, and guilt, despair, and depression, and then acceptance after the death of his godfather. It had been a rough three weeks since the fiasco at the Department of Mysteries.

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Now with the Prophecy hanging over his head, he was reviewing his life as he stared at the night sky. Glancing at the clock he could see it was going on midnight. Something had to change. He couldn't win this war by luck alone, which is what had seen him through all his years at school. He wasn't stupid enough to think he had survived on skill. Now, he was wondering what he could do to get that skill, but what could he do? He needed to look over his past to understand where he was to go in the future.

Going back over his time at Hogwarts, he found that he was being manipulated by the Headmaster. Subtle things from his choice of house to his choice of friends, while not drastic things he needed to get some control over his own life.

However, what could he do stuck in his relatives' home? Relatives that Dumbledore, himself, had said knew would give Harry 'ten dark and lonely years'. He growled at that and hit the window pane in frustration. How could I find anything out from here?What could have happened if Dobby didn't die after rescuing Harry and his friends from Malfoy Manor?

As you all know, I do not own the Harry Potter universe or any part of it. They all belong to J. Rowling and her associates. I only play with the characters for my own pleasure and hopefully yours as well. Harry was desperate. Dobby had just rescued him from Malfoy Manor, but the cost seemed too high. Dobby deserved to live and Harry was unable to help the little elf.

In his desperation he remembered another house-elf. He didn't really know why he said that name, not really calling it, but as soon as the sound left his lips, the other house elf appeared in front of him, bowing slightly. Kreacher turned to Dobby and snapped his fingers. The silver knife sled out and fell to the ground and the wound seemed to be closing, yet Dobby didn't seem to get better. He was losing his conscience and seemed to be dying just as before.

Dobby is dying for lack of master. Only bonding to a wizard or witch can save him now," Kreacher said, his voice devoid of any emotions. You're alive! He was still looking sick and weak, but there was a new sparkle in his big eyes. He turned to Kreacher.

The magic of the new bond is sure to heal him soon. He bent down and tried scooping Dobby like he was carrying a child in his arms.

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Kreacher helped move Dobby, who seemed to fall asleep.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation!

As four boys begin their journey at Hogwarts, unbreakable bonds we know all about were formed. This is the story how they first formed as you follow the Marauders through moments of their first year at Hogwarts. James and Sirius' first Christmas at Hogwarts is both memorable and eventful. Takes place in between chapter 9 and 10 of The Forming of a Legendary Friendship, but can be read separately without a problem. Sometimes, alliances are made with the most unexpected people.

Garth could tell you all about that. Marauder Era. At the start of third year, James, Remus and Peter discover that Sirius is abused by his relatives. Part of the A Bond of Family series. Rating is for safety reasons. Friendship fic, Marauder era. Christmas Eve ofJames could finally welcome his little brother home for good.

It was however unfortunate that Sirius was such a bloody mess upon arrival. Easter is a time of egg hunts and chocolate, fun and laughter and is never boring; certainly not when the Marauders are involved.

The decision to keep a certain truth hidden from Remus leads to disastrous consequences in what is later referred to as The Prank.

A late night conversation with Sirius in the Common Room leads to Lily coming to a few revelations. From exploding potions to the sadness that life throws at you and from first dates to birthday celebrations; life is never uneventful with the Marauders. A zoo visit with friends and a disastrous evening with family show Lily just who her family truly is and bonds are strengthened as secrets are revealed along the way.

Sometimes it are the quiet moments that last the longest, even if it involves crying babies and unexpected visitors. Remus is saved during a mission gone horribly wrong and is reminded of his place among his friends. A relaxing morning babysitting turns into a nightmare when Death Eaters attack.

Part of the Bond of Family series. Returning to Hogwarts to hunt down Peter, Sirius meets old friends who are more loyal than he feels he deserves and makes new ones in his hunt for the traitor. Even the strongest of people sometimes needs a shoulder to lean on from someone who believes in them. Luckily for Sirius, Garth can do both. Just why Vernon Dursley believed Harry so easily when he told him about Sirius being an escaped convict. This is my thoughts behind it. Sirius and Remus set out to find and destroy the Horcruxes.

Or better said: Dumbledore, pay attention! Sirius and Remus show how it is truly done, Marauder style. A unexpected question leads to an interesting conversation and an even more interesting result. No pairing other than friendship.Witch Weekly had come out with the latest issue and yet another Order meeting had been called. Molly Weasley was at the top of her game. She was screeching about poor Harry and that Albus needed to do something immediately; she didn't say what, but something had to be done.

No one knows where he is, and our informants have been of little use. I'm open for suggestions if you have any ideas. Remus, have you been able to shed any light on that mystery? My best guess is that it is a secret treasure map of an uncharted region and we won't be able to use it to track him down.

He was using his time looking for the Nundu tooth that Harry needed instead. Albus left Molly screeching at Snape while he looked on with wry amusement. The meeting was adjourned while the two were still exchanging insults. Tonks didn't miss the fact that nothing was being done to find Harry and that the meeting was a complete waste of time.

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Harry had instructed Varnok to sell the Daily Prophet shares to the Overton manager at a low price. With the eleven percent of Daily Prophet shares consolidated into the Overton account it would be easier to get the rumors printed in the Prophet. Harry also had Varnok approach other managers including Malfoy's to explore the possibility to purchase Potter assets at a moment's notice. The Overton manager had the Daily Prophet print rumors that Harry Potter was desperately seeking cash for some unknown reason.

During the next week Harry did much the same as the week before except for a few things. One evening Harry overheard Lucius talk to someone in the fireplace about him. Harry could only hear one side of the conversation. I didn't even know that Lord Overton was back in the country.

If he is desperate we can buy his assets very cheaply.

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He must be looking to buy something big. But I know that his relatives are missing. The question is why would they? He has ordered me to find out as much as I can. Harry didn't know who Harold was, but Malfoy was interested in what he was doing. He was starting to take the bait. Reading the journals helped Harry come up with this plan, but he was still very nervous about it. Brown took out the documents from the pouch and Harry saw that a fictitiously named 'Emery and Associates' was written across the top with a fake name of Gideon Stover not too far below it.

Brown had prepared a fake invoice and other documents to look real. I have prepared a bank draft in the sum of one million pounds.

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